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Posted by redemptionpentecostal on June 16, 2012 at 12:25 AM

     Not that I stand with greedy hands and demand that my already saturated life be lavished with more needless junk. Not that I yearn for more things to occupy my time and consume my precious moments. MORE. With the innocence of a child I simply approach the throne of my Heavenly Father and ask that He reveal Himself. After nearly thrity years of walking with the Father and hearing His voice I am constanly challenged with the present reality that I still know so little about who He is. Undeniably I know much more than I did 30 years ago, but in light of who our Father is30 years has done nothing but cover a small fraction of the surface area. So with hungry hearts I cry out for MORE and what is so incredible, so amazing and Holy, He responds with absolute swiftness to reveal with brilliance and clarity yet another dimension of Himself. Whether it is in prayer, soaking in worship while in the midst a living room, overwhelmed by the creative power of our natural surrounding, He waits with hands full of His greatness to reveal to any who will ask. In spite of who I am, despite my failings and ability to get lost or walk in a wrong perspective about Him He still waits patiently for the next moment when I with open arms and heart cry out for MORE. And in His proviion of MORE I find confidence to let go of the things in my life that are of lesser value. I turn less to the trinkets of humanity that distract from my sense of insecurtiy, and a value that I have misplaced in work, relationships, service. My Father becons me to call out for MORE so that I can know more fully the image of Him that I bear uniquely. I find in His MORE not only greater revelation of WHO He is but also of who He created me to be. I see glimpses of hope, purpose, confidence in calling and destiny. As I stand on the precipice of a new chapter in His revelatory will and cry out for MORE not only am I led to step into the unknown but I become more familiar with what I already thought I knew. I am strengthened with the confidence of knowing those who call me friend will be made MORE precious through the work He has performed. As He draws me into the unknown I find myself less distrubing, my sins less troubling, and my failures less glaring because they pale within the context of who He has created me to be, and the call that He has for my life. At this point I am glad that I am not alone, but that as you read this note you too can give testimony to the powerful work of our Father as He revealed Himself to you more fully. It is in His presence that sin loses its power and effectiveness, and as I accept and walk within that revelation I am transformed and made new. I find that the things which so easily ensnared me weeks ago have become less potent. So may you call out for MORE, knowing that our Father will not only bless you with MORE of Him but also of a greater fulness of who He has made and called you to be. As you cry out for MORE may you be strengthened and encouraged to walk in all that the Father has for your life. May you be blessed and fully aware of how much He loves you, and may you today receive fresh revelation of who you are in Christ. Blessings and Peace be upon you. Amen.

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