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Thing 1 and Thing 2

Posted by redemptionpentecostal on September 22, 2012 at 3:35 PM

   Ever notice that many of our choices are between two distinct possibilities?? There are those times when multiple factors are involved, but often the choice comes down to a basic decision of thing 1 or thing 2. Sometimes we try to make the decision easier by making one the moral high ground and the other lesser so. Other times we convince ourselves we made the best decision given the circumstances.. but what about those times when both decisions seems the low road, or the opposite that both are the high road? What happens to our ability to make choices when the line between right/wrong, high ground/low ground become blurred or even non-existant? How do we determine how to choose one of two jobs when both are great opportunities? Perhaps where we have chosen to live, our vocation, or the car we drive may seem like very different topics based on scale of importance but I wonder if there is a common link that can help with each decision? Perhaps the real heart of the issue isn't necessarily whether it is right or wrong, good or bad, but whether we are weighing each decision with the guidance and support of the Holy Spirit. At this point one may be tempted to believe that God couldn't care less what you drive, or about the insignificant decisions you make... that's why He gave you a brain.. and perhaps it is a valid point, but may I suggest that the Holy Spirit can be the constant hum in the background and as we become aware of His leading and directing we will hear His voice when even the insignificant decisions like where to go for coffee may be a part of a larger plan? I would like to think that God did give us a brain, and we should with all effort make the best use of it, but i would also suggest that learning to hear the subtle hints of the Holy Spirit may help us in making any decision regardless of importance. I leave you with the thought that perhaps rather than trying to find concrete ways of making decisions we allow another voice into the equation no matter the importance, a still small voice that does not violate right/wrong etc., but perhaps brings us to a place where that is not the only basis for the decision. just a thought, J

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