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One Mouthful was Enough

Posted by redemptionpentecostal on March 19, 2013 at 9:10 PM

Ever been so hungry you felt like you were going to die?? Perhaps I exagerate a little, but I am sure you get the picture. I am talking about those times when you are really hungry or thirsty, and then you either eat something or drink something and one taste was all you needed and you spit it out.. No matter how hungry or thirsty you might have been, there is no way you are putting that in your body. I have heard it said that this current generation has no appetite for God, that they are only interested in themselves and that there is no hope. Allow me to differ in my opinion and propose that perhaps they had a taste and determined a long time ago not to take another bite. Still further that no matter how we try to candy coat it, market it, manipulate its appearance they may have no interest in trying again.. So let us drop the pop-psychology, market guru, entertainment driven emphasis and strip back the layers to reveal the Truth until that is all that remains. Some of you may not know that Elim was an oasisof tall palms and soothing pools, fitting then that our church bears that name. In the last four years we have attempted to remove all the clutter and sparkle that has muddied the Gospel and tried to create a space where refreshing shade and cool clean water is available. And in the last four years we have begun to discover that people are thirsty, they are hungry and that the elemental quality of the Gospel does meet their need. They come in hesitant, often unsure as to why they came in the first place, and have remained for a while or a season. The Word says that unless the Father draws none can come, so perhaps we are blessed that the market driven church hasn`t worked so well and we must rely on the Spirit. And our job as the church is simply to love those who come and join us, and perhaps we will all experience what it is to drink cool water and enjoy the shade of a pleasant palm. We may be bold enough to take a second bite and find that it is much better than our first.

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