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Blessing in Unity

Posted by redemptionpentecostal on April 24, 2013 at 7:25 PM

Psalm 133  A song of ascents. Of David.  1 How good and pleasant it is, when God’s people live together in unity!... 3b For there the Lord bestows his blessing,

        Been meditating on this truth for a couple of years now, but even this past weekend I was reminded of how unique a blessing He gives us when we meet with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. We may have no other connection or common interest but you can meet someone for the first time and the bond that is between fellow believer's is incredible. I remember meeting a pastor from China who could not speak one word of English and shared that evening through a translator. After the session there was a meet and greet and a majority of the folks could speak fluently with the speaker but when it came my turn to meet him, without any word spoken we embraced as brothers. It's been ten+ years and I still get moved by the experience. There is a bond between Chrisitans that I have never experienced in any other group or function and it always amazes me the variety of the folks that you meet along the way. Not only do we share a common bond in Christ, but God actually gives a special blessing when we gather together to fellowship in unity. There is a sweetness in presence, there is a rich sound that exists in the worship, and the prayers shared between us carry a special weight and effect. After thirty years of living among the church there are times when people pray for you and it is very good, and then other times when it feels like the very presence of heaven is thick to overwhelming and in this place you can almost taste and see it. The people become inspired from the inside out, songs are written out of overflow, and speech carries a profound depth and empathy. A hand upon the shoulder feels as though a thousand were by your side, and you gain a confidence to overcome no matter the trial or circumstance and in this place you never feel alone. I feel alive again, it is as though there are bubbles that float around inside, creativity is restored and dark places see the return of the sun. I am grateful once again for the body of Christ, the church in all its glory, and await the next time we gather together and experience His sweet blessing found in unity.

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