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Posted by redemptionpentecostal on October 6, 2013 at 6:40 PM

Been reflecting lately on the amazing skill and risk of base jumpers that "fly" with wing suits and the parallels in the life of the Spirit. Only a small percentage of the population has any desire to throw themselves off a perfectly good mountain and trust their life to a thin piece of material as they "fall" through the air at high speed and low margin of error. And in the kingdom of the Father, there are those who push the limits of how far we can go spiritually without dying. Some of us cannot enjoy the simple journey of our faith and the privilege of "getting" to heaven. We wake in the morning thirsting for the next big drop, watching as the line between life and death gets blurry, and we feel one moment away from eternity. But the question seems to be, how in this metaphor do we climb the mountain? And in this moment personal devotions start to make sense. If you want to experience the greatest moves and flow of the Spirit it has to be built on something, and that something is the precious Word of God we call the Bible. It would seem that many of the issues with cults and leaders that mislead folks is that they often steer away from scripture and more to "fresh" revelation and visions. I love metaphors and exploring the unique qualities of faith but if I lead from these word pictures and do not have a close relationship with the Word, a fine sounding philosophy can emerge that may be helpful and even insightful but will never led to the highest peak and most satisfying flight. Just like "flying" in a wing suit if the conditions are not right, your gear is not prepared, and you don't have enough time in the skies the results can be disastrous. So too with the spiritual world, if you do not study the Word, listen to the wisdom and insight of the Spirit, and do not have enough air time with mentors, you are very susceptible to chaos and disaster. The last few weeks I have been privileged to lead a group of people as they are learning how to "fly" and develop a stronger walk with Christ. We recognize the value of the written Word, the presence and wisdom of the Holy Sprit, and the value of good mentors. Just the other day I looked back as I was climbing a little higher for the next jump and was shocked at the number of people right behind and beside me. There is a hunger in their eyes and a stronger fire burning inside to climb to the next ledge, push the envelope a little further and feel the rush of experiencing something amazing in the presence of friends. I feel the rush of the elevation, the excitement among the group, and the nervous tension as we near the summit. Living for these moments of sheer bliss. After all the hard work, planning, and preparations, we reach the new peak, our hearts pounding, the minds racing, almost convinced to turn around and climb back down. But here in this moment we gaze out on the beauty, we see the lives of others, the potential for amazing moves of God, and then we brace ourselves... this is the view from up top, and then in that next moment we take the plunge and become fully alive!!

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