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To Paint a Sunrise

Posted by redemptionpentecostal on July 17, 2015 at 7:10 PM

I am by no means an accomplished artist, I would be hesitant to group myself even in the category of artist but I do know one thing.... you often start a painting with the darker colours in the wash/background and build layers upon it gradually adding more vibrant and crisp colours. Last Sunday I led communion with the church and after a week at camp and some of my own struggles it felt very dark, there were a lot of questions brought out through the service and I felt at times that I wasn't able to give clear direction as we celebrated the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. So all week I have been praying and asking God to give me wisdom about how to see with right perspective in this current season, and I believe I got at least part of the answer this morning. I was given a vision of a painter prepping to paint an early morning sunrise... before the birds stir, before the hustle and bustle, the black of night has not yet given way to daylight.... you start with the blacks and the dark purples, you cover significant parts of the canvas with the darkest colours known to man. I have struggled much of my life to see the bright and beautiful things in life, and I think for some of us it might take much of our life not to see the glass as half empty... we are still works in process, but our finished canvas my not be the spring morning, full of vibrant colours, or even a fall season rich and majestic. Some of us seem to naturally have a tougher time of it, and I would like to suggest that perhaps our canvas may be of a more subtle but not less beautiful design. Perhaps in our lives we may become a few different canvases, shifts in seasons and perspectives, but it is also entirely possible that life isn't quite so rosy for some. We may shun the dark colours, yearn for the rich and vibrant colours of another's canvas, and miss the fact that the artist is creating a masterpiece in what others may simply see as a mistake or inferior painting. Can we trust the artist and draw close to Him and hear the melody He is singing as He paints? Can we find and trust in hope when at the moment we aren't sure there is a beautiful colour on the artist's palette? My prayer is that the season is not a long one, but at times a decade seems long, and the shades can seem overwhelming. However, this morning I looked and beautiful shades of lighter purples, crisp blues, hints of yellow, orange, red, and white emerge on the horizon. I know that the artist is not finished yet, and I know that it has felt a long time since there were any bright colours being applied, so in this moment I am grateful for the gift of perseverance, for good friends who believed in the potential canvas, to cast vision of what is slow to emerge when there was still only shadow. There is no darkness in the artist, but there is darkness in the human heart, and for some of us the process of coming into the light is difficult and lengthy... but the artist is not done yet, the colours will come. Listen for the melody and trust the process... He is not finished yet:)

                                                 Jason Wiebe

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