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Full but Empty

Posted by redemptionpentecostal on February 25, 2013 at 11:20 PM

It feels bloated, like one too many twinkies. I was hungry and ate something that I will call a food substitute, and though it gives the feeling of being full soon afterward the digestion regret sets in. It feels awkward, like a foreign unwanted substance has invaded my inner parts and now my body begins to revolt. And I pause to consider the Spiritual equivalent, filling myself daily with good things, food substitutes that pass as Spiritual food but often are nothing more than cleverly disguised distraction. And the hunger inside grows even as the appetite is being placated by the ingestion of many substitutes. And why do we substitute poor representations of spiritual food for the real thing?? Perhaps it is because we have been taught that the substitute is as good as it gets. Perhaps we have never tasted nor been made aware of the spiritual food that is available. But perhaps you and I share something in common, the variety of excuses we use to feed on the substitute (whether it be TV, activities, hobbies, etc) because the true spiritual food provided through the Word and the Spirit tend not to be in sync with our instant gratification world. The Father will ask us to wait, to be longsuffering, to persist in day by day conversation and listening without the same immediate gratification as the substitute. Perhaps reading the Bible, praying, listening quietly aren't nearly as entertaining and we struggle with a desire to be entertained rather than to be holy. May we as a people learn to desire holiness above all other things, and may we develop our appetite for the full spiritual food of our Father's kingdom and no longer choose to placate our hunger with a poor quality substitute. J 

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